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What to do if you need an Appointment


Did you know that most people who come to the GP are well - ie have a chronic disease, mental health concerns , for immunisations etc?
We are moving all of our consultations to telehealth via either phone or video . We will still offer immunisations and injections and review people that need to be seen physically. Online bookings are only available for telehealth, repeat scripts or referrals

If you have a;
• Cough
• Sore throat
• Fever
• Flu-like symptoms (feel achey, like you have done a round with Mohammad Ali)  DO NOT come into the practice but instead, you will be offered the following options:
1. A teleconference with a Health on Central GP
2. An appointment at our Pop Up Respiratory Clinic (which is adjacent to the practice)
3. Transfer to Mackay Base Hospital

So, life is a little weird for all of us at the moment. It is confusing and overwhelming. At the practice, we are working super hard to keep everyone safe and cared for.
For me as the owner of a practice, I want to look after the doctors, nurses and support staff whilst ensuring that we are able to provide wonderful care to our patients
We want to make sure that we treat those who are unwell with safety, dignity and best practice care. So it may be a little strange that we say, that “your child with a runny nose and cough can’t come into the practice. Could the come in through our PopUp clinic where they will be seen by a GP looking very silly in PPE gear?”.
This will pass. Life will return to normal. Loo paper will once again fill our supermarket shelves.
So humour us. and indulge us. Wash your hands and practice physical  distancing 🙂


About Us


We care

Not Just a GP Surgery

Not Just a GP Surgery

Through life's stages....from childhood to adulthood and everything in between and beyond, HoC is there for you. 

Dr Nicole Higgins, Dr Mark Raines, Dr Emma Sedlacek, Dr Helen Hawkins, Dr Rebecca Perks, Dr Kerry Summerscales, Dr June Kew  and the team at Health on Central have built our workplace on care, compassion, relationships, respect and appreciation. That is just who we are.

We are highly skilled in dealing with acute, chronic and complex health care. Your doctor and treating team will coordinate your care needs to ensure that you and your family stay well. We work alongside our allied health and specialist colleagues. 

Health on Central is your family  GP in Mackay.


Not Just a GP Surgery

Not Just a GP Surgery

Not Just a GP Surgery

Lets rethink general practice and strip it back to what is important.

 It's old school. It's about relationships.  So we don't overcomplicate it.  

A place where you are known and we know your name. 

Many know the building as a hardware store. 

Flooded with natural light, a living wall, bespoke fittings, funky furniture and a dedicated kids room. There is even a chandelier in the loo.

Health on Central is a destination in itself and looks forward to becoming part of the Andergrove community.

We look forward to being your new doctor in Mackay


Travel Clinic

Not Just a GP Surgery

Travel Clinic

Health on Central is affiliated with TMA - Travel Medicine Alliance to provide patients with the most up to date advice.
All vaccinations are kept on site for your convenience at the lowest possible cost.

We are Yellow Fever accredited.

Get in Touch!

We encourage feedback and we would love to hear any suggestions about how we could improve your experience at Health on Central.



All you need is a curious disposition, compassionate heart and an evidenced based brain to work at Health on Central. Email

Dr Nicole Higgins

Health on Central. Your Doctor in Mackay.