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What We Do

Sick kids


There is nothing more frustrating than not being able to get into the doctor when you or your kids are acutely unwell.
Sick kids will always be seen on the day.

Chronic Disease


Our team are experts in ensuring you have the most up to date medical care and in co-ordinating care needs. We have an interest in diabetes, heart disease, asthma and complex chronic care. Through our GP Management plans we will ensure a co-ordinated whole person approach to your medical needs

Child Health and Immunisations


We know how crazy and chaotic those first few years are. We will help you with planning a baby, look after your pregnancy, family planning and share the trials and tribulations of early childhood. We will look after your child's vaccinations and care for your family.

Come in and say hello to our lovely nurses Natalie, Bianca and Meg

Preventative Health


75yo + Health checks

45-49 yo Health checks

Women's Health checks

Mens Health checks

Skin check

And everything else.......


Family planning

Cervical Screening (PAP smears)



Minor surgery

Asthma reviews

Diabetes management

Drivers medicals
We will do home visits by arrangement. Palliative care at home and hospital visits at the Mater Hospital .

Results and Reminders


HoC sends recalls and reminders to you via secure SMS messaging, provided by HotDoc.
In an effort to provide a faster, more efficient method to communicate health messages to our patients, you will now receive a HotDoc SMART recall or reminder SMS directly to your mobile number.

The SMS will contain a unique and secure link for you to select, enabling you to verify your details by completing your last name and date of birth, to protect your privacy. You will then be able to view the health message/reminder from your doctor.
If you do not view your reminder, do not have a smart phone, internet access or data available on your phone, or you elect to opt out of the service, you will receive a printed reminder letter in the mail to your postal address